BIPOSA is an association which includes:


• Ophthalmologists with a specialist interest in paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus

• Orthoptists

• Associate members including

• Doctors training in paediatric ophthalmology

• Research doctors and scientists with interests in paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus

• Optometrists with a particular interest in paediatric ophthalmology

• Honorary members


Instructions for application to become a member:


1. Read the guidelines relating to your speciality/grade (see below)

2. Fill in the General Information section of the application form

3. Fill in the part of the application form appropriate for your speciality/grade

4. Send it off! Your application will be assessed by the executive committee and if accepted you will be asked to complete a standing order mandate and information for the members directory.


Please note that membership is completed ONLY on receipt of payment of your membership subscription.


Subscription costs:

• Full medical members – £100/annum

• Full orthoptic members – £50/annum

• Associate members – £50/annum


Guidelines: (see byelaws)

1. Full Medical membership. Specialist Ophthalmologist practicing in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland with a significant sub-specialty interest in paediatric ophthalmology and/or strabismus as evidenced by their fellowship training, clinical practice, research and teaching to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee. 2. Full orthoptic membership.

3. Associate Membership.

• Training UK ophthalmologists currently completing or having completed a recognised Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus fellowship.

• Non- ophthalmic medical specialists with a significant involvement in  paediatric ophthalmology and/or strabismus.

• Hospital optometrists with a significant paediatric interest.

• Paediatric ophthalmologists from other countries with a significant paediatric or strabismus practice to the satisfaction of the executive committee.

• Scientists with a significant research interest allied to paediatric ophthalmology or strabismus.


Honorary membership is by invitation or personal application.