Thursday 24th


Thursdsay 24th September 2015

Calon 1


09.00 Welcome and housekeeping


09.15 Session VII

Chairman Miss Annegret Dhalmann-Noor, London


09.15 Conjunctival Tumors in Children and Adults: Facts, Fairytales, and Magic Potions

Carol Shields, Professor of Ocular Oncology, Wills Eye Centre, Philidelphia


09.45 Approaches to restrictive strabismus

Jonathan Holmes, Professor of Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester


10.15 Non Surgical treatments of Myopia

Chris Hammond, Consultant, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital


10.45 Coffee at the trade exhibition


11.15 Session VIII

Roger Trimble Lecture

Introduced by David Laws

Scott, Faden, Harada Ito and Yokohama – A personal journey through rare squint procedures

Ian Marsh, Consultant, Aintree


12.15 Poster Viewing


12.45 Lunch at the trade exhibition


13.45 Session XII

Free Papers

Chairman Miss Gill Adams, London & Miss Tina Duke, Gwent


14.45 Session XII


Chairman Mr Tony Vivian, Cambridge


14.45 MISS/Conventional

Saurabh Jain, Consultant, Royal Free Hospital


15.00 Choice of procedure for Non recovered 6th

Richard Harrad, Consultant, Bristol Eye Hospital


15.15 Surgery for non recovered 3rd or avulsed MR

Gill Adams, Consultant, Moorfields Eye Hospital


15.30 Tea at the trade exhibition


16.00 Session XII

Convergence Anomalies symposium

Chairman, Anna Horwood, Reading


16.00 Convergence Spasm

Gail Stephenson, John Bradbury (tbc)


16.30 Convergence insufficiency

Michael Clarke, Anna Horwood (tbc)


17.00 Session XIII

BIPOSA Business Meeting


· Introduction – Tony Vivian

· BIPOSA Membership – Anna Horwood

· Financial position – James Kersey

· Future Plans – Tony Vivian

· Future Meeting Schedule


17.30 Closing Remarks


19.00 Reception followed by Dinner at Cardiff Castle